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2012 Topics in Computational & Systems Biology

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    We will discuss aspects of biological networks in biology at the molecular level (systems biology).  Biological networks include regulatory networks, protein-protein interaction networks, metabolic networks and many others.  


    Date Person Topic
    27 Jan  Gribskov Introduction
    3 Feb    
    10 Feb    
    15 Feb Biaobin Jiang Edgetic perturbation models of human inherited disorders [synopsis]
    24 Feb Yunhao Tan The Application of Systems Biology in Host-Pathogen Interaction [synopsis]   
    2 March Jiajie Huang Network rewiring in disease outcome prediction [synopsis]
    9 March Karthik Padmanabhan MicroRNA and mRNA integrated network analysis [synopsis]
    16 March Spring Break  
    23 March Whitney Soltau Metabolic Networks
    30 March Junhui Wang scale free networks[synopsis]
    6 April Yanzhu Ji Evolution of transcriptional regulatory networks [synopsis]
    13 April Basudev Chowdhury Integrating methylome in the epigenetic landscape by NGS 
    20 April Minming Li 

    Regulatory Network inference and analysis [synopsis]

    27 April    


    This is not an inclusive list until more of the participants contribute.  My initial list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

    • Scale-free networks
      • Are biological networks scale free?
      • If they are, what does this tell us about biology?
    • Network Evolution
      • How do networks grow and change over the course of evolution?
      • Do network models inform us about the evolutionary process?
    • Analysis of network topology
      • Hubs and bottlenecks.
      • Identifying critical points in networks?
      • Are topological defined parts of networks (such as hubs or bottlenecks) associated with biological properties such as
        • Conserved function
        • Targets of disease or infection
        • Protein disorder
        • Gene duplication or rapid evolution
    • Networks in development and disease (methods for network understanding and analysis)
    • Identification of important pathways or functional modules
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