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    Biaobin Jiang

    Announcement: I will be a postdoc researcher in Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences in Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, in September 2016.
    PhD Student, August 2010 - August 2016,
    Comp & Syst Biology Lab (PI: Prof. Michael Gribskov),
    Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science,
    Computational Life Sciences Program (CLS),
    Room 326, Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology,

    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907.

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    Latest News

    Aug 16, 2016: Goodbye Purdue! Biaobin left West Lafayette IN.
    Aug 6, 2016: Biaobin was in the graduation commencement! Keynote Speaker: James Miller
    Jul 22, 2016: Biaobin deposited his thesis --- the end! Thank you all!
    Jul 1, 2016: Biaobin passed his PhD thesis defense!!!
    Jun 3, 2016: Prof Henry Chang substituted for Andrew Mesecar as Biaobin's committee member.
    May 24, 2016: Biaobin has decided to join in Icahn School of Medicine as a postdoc fellow!
    Mar 10, 2016: Biaobin worked with Prof Yong Wang on expression clustering combined with HiC data.
    Jan 21, 2016: AptRank preprint was uploaded to [preprint].
    Jan 20, 2016: AptRank, a network-based model for protein function prediction, was released on GitHub.
    Dec 16, 2015: Biaobin gave a talk on differential FBA on IEEE GlobalSIP. [Slides]
    Oct 16, 2015: Biaobin held the 3rd research committee meeting, ready for final defense in 2016!
    Aug 4, 2015: Biaobin's paper on differential flux balance analysis was accepted by IEEE GlobalSIP.
    Feb 25, 2015: Biaobin co-worked with Yangyang Hou on graph clustering using modified k-means.
    Nov 20, 2014: Biaobin co-worked with
    Kyle Kloster on protein functional prediction using PageRank.
    Oct 8, 2014: Biaobin's paper on subnetwork detection methods was accepted by Cancer Informatics.
    May 12, 2014: Biaobin held the 2st research committee meeting.
    May 15, 2013: Biaobin held the 1st research committee meeting.
    Oct 16, 2012: Biaobin established collaboration with Prof Chun-Ju Alice Chang.
    Apr 17, 2012: Biaobin passed the prelim.
    Nov 15, 2011: Biaobin founded his PhD committee: Profs Gribskov, Kihara, Mesecar and Neville.
    Aug 28, 2011: Biaobin attended ICSB 2011 in Mannheim and Heidelberg, Germany.
    Aug 26, 2011: Biaobin built up a connection with Prof David Gleich.
    Aug 1, 2011: Biaobin passed the qualifier exam of Molecular Biosciences.
    Apr 29, 2011: Biaobin completed 3 lab rotations and joined in Gribskov's lab.
    Aug 9, 2010: Hello Purdue! Biaobin won a CLS-Lynn fellowship.


    • Rotation (Spring 2011): kinase duplications, link;
    • Tissue-specific Protein Interaction Networks, Disease Gene Prediction;
    • Genetic Interaction Networks, Identification of Functional Independence;
    • Optimal Distribution of Protein Abundance based on Flux Balance Analysis;
    • Lipidomic Profiling of Breast Cancer.
    • Thesis Projects:
      • Protein Function Prediction using PageRank on a bi-relational graph;
      • Functional module identification via graph clustering; and
      • Differential pathway analysis based on non-negative least squares optimization.


    Please refer to my Google Scholar profile.


    Professional Service


    Term Index Course No. Title Remark
    Fall 2010 1 BIOL 59500 Introduction to Bioinformatics CLS
    Fall 2010 2 CS 590/501 Computing for Life Sciences I CLS core
    Fall 2010 3 CS 59000-CLS Computing for Life Sciences II CLS core
    Spring 2011 4 BIOL 51700 Molecular Biology: Proteins CLS [B]
    Spring 2011 5 CS 59000-SML Statistical Machine Learning CLS [C]
    Fall 2011 6 BIOL 41500 Introduction to Molecular Biology CLS
    Fall 2011 7 CS 59000-NMC Network & Matrix Computations  
    Spring 2012 8 BIOL 69600 Computational & Systems Biology CLS, Seminar
    Fall 2012 9 CS 51500 Numerical Linear Algebra  CLS [C]
    Fall 2012 10 BIOL 69500 Current Topics in Cancer Seminar
    Spring 2013 11 ECE 58000 Optimization Methods for Syst & Ctrl CLS
    Fall 2013 12 STAT 598C Statistical Methods for Bioinfo & Comp Biol CLS
    Spring 2014 13 CS 52000 Computational Methods in Optimization CLS
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