"The best way to learn is to teach." Frank Oppenheimer

    Fundamemtals of Systems Biology

    by bjiang

    In this course, you will study top 10 classical problems and methods in systems biology.


    • Molecular Biology
    • Statistics
    • Optimization
    • Linear Algebra
    • Machine Learning

    I. Basic Analysis

    Problem 1: Sequence Alignment (Dynamic Programming)

    Problem 2: Sequence Characterization (Hidden Markov Model)

    Problem 3: Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes (Hypothesis Testing)

    Problem 4: Functional Enrichment Analysis (Statistical Inference)

    II. Static Analysis

    Problem 5: Expression Profile Clustering & Network Community Detection (Unsupervised Learning)
                    Reference: Clustering, PCA, Community Detection

    Problem 6: Biomarker Discovery (Supervised Learning)

    Problem 7: Network Topology Analysis (Matrix Computation and Graph Theory)

    III. Dynamic Analysis

    Problem 8: Flux Balance Analysis (Linear Programming)

    Problem 9: Inference of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks (Bayesian Network)

    Problem 10:  Stochastic Gene Expression in Development (Dynamic ODE Systems)

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