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    AT3G20660.1, AtOCT4, 4-Oct

    Major Facilitator TC 2.A.1 family

    "Stress regulated members of the plant organic cation transporter family are localized to the vacuolar membrane."
    Kuefner I.Koch W.
    BMC Res. Notes 1:43-43(2008) [PubMed: 18710496] [Abstract]

    "Integrating membrane transport with male gametophyte development and function through transcriptomics."
    Bock K.W.Honys D.Ward J.M.Padmanaban S.Nawrocki E.P.Hirschi K.D.Twell D.Sze H.
    Plant Physiol. 140:1151-1168(2006) [PubMed: 16607029] [Abstract]

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