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Perl Texts

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    Recommended text

    SAMS learn Perl in 24 Hours (P24H)

    • Available through Purdue Safari, but only a limited number of people can use simultaneously
    • Available at Amazon

    Alternate texts

    There are many other books/texts that cover Perl.  Many of these would be suitable; it will require some effort on your part to find the right readings, but if you have a book you like, it should work.  Several books I have collected online are listed below.

    • Programming Perl - Main online text - Written in a telegraphic note style, but covers almost all the material and assumes little computing background. 
    • Picking Up Perl - Alternative text - Covers the most basic aspects of perl, but not all of what is covered in the course. Can be used to supplement Progperl.pdf text.
    • A Quick, Painless Introduction to the Perl Scripting Language - Alternative text - A very fast introduction intended for those who have some programming experience and understand computer programming terminology. Not for novices.
    • Impatient Perl - Alternative - A very fast paced introduction intended for those who already know a programming language.  The section on regular expression is especially good.
    • Modern Perl - a more recent book that covers new features introduced in perl 5.10 and 5.12.  Beware - I think this book is difficult to follow if you do not already know perl.  Since the new features are not essential (and are sometimes just confusing) I don't especially recommend this book for novices.
    • Perl by Example - available on Safari.  Starts with the assumption that you know programming so it's not that much use at the beginning.  However, once you have some basic knowledge it provides many worked through example programs so you might want to take a look after the first couple of weeks.

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