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    Ph.D. Major: Horticulture

    Purdue University                                                                                          Aug-2009 to Present


    B.S. Major: Natural Resources and Environment

    Nanjing Agricultural University (China)                                                                          Jun 2008


    Membership in Professional Organizations

    American Society of Plant Biologists

    American Statistical Association


    Professional Experience

    Graduate Assistant in the Bioinformatics Core (Present)

    Graduate Research /Teaching Assistant (2009-2014) 



    Predawn stomatal opening (PDO)

    Transcriptomics and metabolics

    Plant water use efficiency (WUE) and QTL mapping

    Posters and Conferences


    “Candidate genes associated with water use efficiency (WUE) identified from quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping in Eutrema salsugineum” ASPB mid-west 2014, Mar-2013


    “Candidate Genes Associated with Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Identified from A Combination of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Mapping and Transcriptome Profiling in Eutrema salsugineum” ASPB 2013, Jul-2013


    “Determination of the Genetic Basis of Water Use Efficiency in Eutrema salsugineum via Bulked Segregant Analysis (BSA)” HLA Research Retreat, May-2012

    “Interactions between Omics and Statistics: Analyzing High Dimensional Data”, 8th International Purdue Symposium on Statistics, Jun-2012

    “Identification of Genetic Basis of Water Use Efficiency in Eutrema salsugineum via QTL Mapping” Plant Sciences Social, Oct-2012


    “Genetic Basis of Water Use Efficiency in Eutrema salsugineum” Plant Sciences Social, Mar-2011

    “Genetic Basis of Water Use Efficiency in Eutrema salsugineum” HLA Research Retreat, May-2011

    “Advantages of Transcriptome Differences of Eutrema salsugineum” Das-Purdue Workshop, Sep-2011


    1. Predawn stomatal opening is a heritable in trait regulated by osmotic stress via ABA in Eutrema salsugineum. (Manuscript in preparation)

    2. Transcriptomic and Metabolic Profiling of Two Eutrema salsugineum Accessions with Contrasting Water Use Efficiency (WUE). (Manuscript in preparation)

    3. Biomass production is the significant determinant to heritable trait water use efficiency (WUE) in Eutrema salsugineum. (Manuscript in preparation)


    Sequencing data processing: Bowtie2, TopHat, Cufflinks SAMtools, Genome Assembly Tool Kit (GATK), etc.

    Coding: Perl

    Statistical analysis: SAS, R.

    Molecular biology: DNA/RNA extraction, semi-quantitative PCR, quantitative PCR


    Perl scripts:



    Contact info

    Cell: (765) 481-1896 Phone: (765) 494-0079

    E-mail: jie.yin@aol.com


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