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Integrating methylome in the epigenetic landscape by NGS

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    Aberrations that succeed in circumventing the normal cellular fate of cells gives rise to abnormal cellular proliferation- the malady is better known as cancer! The blueprint of each cell is contained in the DNA, which comprises of various combinations of the four fundamental building blocks – Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine. The Cytosine moiety is interesting, as it has been observed that several critical genes which provide protection to the cells (Tumor Suppressor genes) are turned off in cancerous conditions by conversion of Cytosine to Methylcytosine. It is intriguing that a simple chemical modification at important sites – addition of methyl group to Cytosine yielding Methylcytosine- is sufficient to alter a healthy cell into cancerous one.  DNA methylation is a dynamic epigenetic mark and while correct regulation of its levels is very crucial in embryonic development, gene regulation and ageing; abnormalities invariably result in malignant transformations and other diseases. This paper attempts to comprehensively map the methylome of prostate cancer tissues by employing Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and further our understanding of epigenetic regulation in the most prevalent cancer among men.


    Kim, J. H., S. M. Dhanasekaran, et al. (2011). "Deep sequencing reveals distinct patterns of DNA methylation in prostate cancer." Genome Research 21(7): 1028-1041. pdf

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