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    Edit the current page

    1. Click on the "edit page" link above the top left corner of the page.
    2. This will start the wysiwyg editor to change the current page.
    3. Make sure you save when you are done.

    Make a new page

    Method 0

    1. click on the "new page" button.
    2. The new page will be a subpage of the page you were looking at
    3. The wysiwyg editor will open on your screen allowing you to edit the page
    4. Make sure you save when you are done.


    Method 1

    1. Edit the page for which you want to create a subpage
    2. Enter new text on the current page and select with the mouse, OR select some existing text
    3. Click link button (globe with chain)
    4. The text you selected should now appear in the "link to" box in the "update link" popup.  Click "update link" (lower right). 
    5. Add the current page as a prefix so the new page will be a sub-page of the current one.  For example, to add a new page "Group I Intron" as a sub-page of RNA Structure, the "Link To" box should say RNA Structure/Group I Intron
    6. Save the page you are editing.
    7. A new page is automatically created (this is called a "wanted" page because it has a link to it but there is no content on the page). A "wanted page" is shown with a dotted underline.
    8. If the page has thw wrong location, you can move it.  Use the "move" option in the "More" pulldown in the top menubar
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