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RNA-seq Analysis

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    Suggested readings for group meeting on March 2, 2012:

    Metzker, M. L. (2010). "Sequencing technologies - the next generation." Nat Rev Genet 11(1): 31-46. PDF

    Wang,Z.,Gerstein, M. & Snyder, M. (2009). "RNA-Seq: a reolutionary tool for transcriptomics." Nature Rev Genet 10:57-63. PDF

    Oshlack, A., M. Robinson, et al. (2010). "From RNA-seq reads to differential expression results." Genome Biology 11(12): 220. PDF

    Grabherr, M. G., B. J. Haas, et al. (2011). "Full-length transcriptome assembly from RNA-Seq data without a reference genome." Nat Biotech 29(7): 644-652. PDF

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