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.cshrc (MRG)

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    # include currrent working directory in path
    setenv PATH ./:$PATH
    # set up CVS
    setenv CVSROOT gribskov@pro.genomics.purdue.edu/cbio/cvs
    setenv CVS_RSH ssh
    #set prompt to be bold face, name of server and working directory
    set prompt="%B%m:%~%b "
    #command completion
    set autolist
    # prevent deleting all files with rm *
    set rmstar
    # preload useful modules
    module use /apps/group/bioinformatics/modules
    module load perl
    module load java
    # define some useful locations for navigation
    setenv home $HOME
    setenv group /group/mgribsko
    setenv s1 /scratch/lustreC/m/mgribsko
    setenv s2 /scratch/lustreA/m/mgribsko
    # navigation aliases
    alias s1        "cd $s1"
    alias s2        "cd $s2"
    alias home      "cd $HOME"
    alias group     "cd $group"
    alias scratch   "cd $RCAC_SCRATCH"
    # perl, add more up-to-date version and add my libraries to the include path.  You will want to use other directories.
    alias perl      /apps/group/bioinformatics/apps/perl-5.16.1/bin/perl
    setenv PERL5LIB $HOME/NGS:/group/mgribsko/RNA/src/perl_src:/group/mgribsko/code/RNA/src/perl_src;
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