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.bash profile (MRG)

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    Make sure you update this file for your use, search for "example".
    # add current directory to path (lets you run local scripts by name), note that some people feel this is a security issue
    # see e.g., http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/UNIX_Computing_Security/Securing_accounts#PATH
    export PATH="$PATH:./"
    # define some useful locations
    # s1=/scratch/lustreC/m/mgribsko    # just an example, delete
    # set up simple navigation aliases
    # alias s1="cd $s1"                # just an example, delete
    alias home="cd $HOME"
    alias group="cd $group"
    alias scratch="cd $RCAC_SCRATCH"
    # colored directory listing
    alias ls='ls --color=auto'
    # set up CVS, make sure to change to your account
    CVSROOT=your_account_here@pro.genomics.purdue.edu/cbio/cvs    #example, change your_account_here to your account name on pro
    # set up standard and bioinformatics modules
    module use /apps/group/bioinformatics/modules
    module load perl
    module load java
    # use more recent perl, and add directories to the perl lib path.  you will want to use other diretcories
    alias perl='/apps/group/bioinformatics/apps/perl-5.16.1/bin/perl'
    PERL5LIB="$HOME/NGS:/group/mgribsko/RNA/src/perl_src;"    # just an example, add any perl libraries you want to use here
    #make prompt bold red, showing server and current directory
    PS1="\e[1;91m \h:\w \e[m"
    # set tab completion to be select menu; i don't like this but you might
    #bind "TAB:menu-complete"
    # set tab completion, with match list, and case insensitive
    bind "set show-all-if-ambiguous on"
    bind "set completion-ignore-case on"
    # rmstar, which prevents accidental deletion of all files, is not available for bash.  The following defines
    # a function with the same behavior, i.e., it will ask if you want to delete all files before doing it.
    {   for i 
            if [ "$i" = '*' ] ;then 
                echo -n "Remove all files? Are you sure [y/n]? " 
                read j 
                if [ "$j" != y ] ;then continue ;fi 
            set +o noglob 
            eval command rm $i 
            set -o noglob 
        set +o noglob 
    alias rm='set -o noglob ; rmstar'
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