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Conditional Random Fields

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    References that Yao suggested during his CRF talk

    (to be referred to in the following order):

    1. Tutorial: An Introduction to Conditional Random Fields for Relational Learning. C Sutton, A McCallum [1]

    2. Motivation, Intuition: Conditional random fields: Probabilistic models for segmenting and labeling sequence data. J Lafferty, A McCallum, F Pereira [2]

    3. Feature selection in CRF: Efficiently inducing features of conditional random fields. A McCallum [3]

    4. Conditional Neural Fields. [4]


    Other Resources for Conditional Random Fields

    1. Gene prediction with conditional random fields. A Culotta, D Kulp, A McCallum [5]

    2. Comparative gene prediction using conditional random fields. JP Vinson, D DeCaprio, MD Pearson, S Luoma [6]

    3. DISCOVER: a feature-based discriminative method for motif search in complex genomes. Wenjie Fu, Pradipta Ray and Eric P. Xing [7]

    4. A tutorial on CRFs by Charles Elkan: Log-linear models and conditional random fields. [8]

    5. A Masters thesis focusing on training on CRFs. Hanna Wallach. Efficient Training of Conditional Random Fields. M.Sc. thesis, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 2002. [9] (has above thesis and several other CRF links)

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