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2011 Spring Chili party

    Tired of all this cold weather?

    Time to spice it up!

    Come to our chili party

    Where: Gribskov/Robinson House
    Directions, Map
    When: 5:00 pm Saturday 19 March

    Q: What should I do?
    A: come!

    Q: I feel awkward, I might not know anyone.
    A: We are friendly and seldom bite (at least not guests)

    Q: What about my wife/significant other/roommate?
    A: they can come too

    Q: Should i bring something?
    A: Please do, but don't feel pressured, we rather have you come without a dish than eat chili without you!
    I'm thinking that i will make four kinds of chili, mild and hot, vegetarian and meat.  Nina is planning on cornbread.  Feel free to make your own ethnic version of chili, for instance, i've never had ethiopian chili.  Or, feel free to bring drinks (chili eating is thirsty work), or chips (one of the best ways to sample chili), tortillas, flat bread, dessert, or whatever. 

    Q: Can I cook something at your house?
    A: We are happy to share our pots, pans, and cooking facilities, but we have only one cooktop and only one oven so we can't accomodate everyone.  Probably a good idea to arrange something with us so we don't overbook the kitchen.

    Q:  I'm worried someone else will bring the same thing
    A: Well, that wasn't a question, but see feel free to list what you are brining below


    • Gribskov - chili (mild, spicy) x (vegetal, carnal)
    • Robinson - cornbread
    • Kejie - dragon eyes (fruit) can not find fresh ones, instead we would bring Stewed hot and salty chicken wings and Wii


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