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Blast results prediction 9

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    Putative conserved domains have been detected, click on the image below for detailed results.
                                                                       Score     E
    Sequences producing significant alignments:                       (Bits)  Value
    sp|Q29RZ5|CV025_BOVIN  Uncharacterized protein C22orf25 homolog     129    2e-29 Gene info
    sp|Q6ICL3.1|CV025_HUMAN  RecName: Full=Uncharacterized protein...   125    2e-28 Gene info
    sp|P54797.1|T10_MOUSE  RecName: Full=Ser/Thr-rich protein T10 ...   122    1e-27 Gene info
    sp|P53275.1|YG37_YEAST  RecName: Full=Uncharacterized protein ...  59.7    2e-08 Gene info
    sp|Q8H3C8.1|ILL8_ORYSJ  RecName: Full=IAA-amino acid hydrolase...  32.0    3.2  
    sp|Q9GJT2.1|ESTD_PIG  RecName: Full=S-formylglutathione hydrol...  30.8    7.2   Gene info
    sp|Q8X8V7.2|YEEJ_ECO57  RecName: Full=Uncharacterized protein ...  30.8    7.4  
    sp|Q9FI70.1|FK122_ARATH  RecName: Full=F-box/Kelch-repeat prot...  30.8    8.0  
    sp|Q50355|Y681_MYCPU  Uncharacterized protein MYPU_6810            30.8    8.3  
    sp|Q67NK1.1|MUTS_SYMTH  RecName: Full=DNA mismatch repair prot...  30.4    9.8  
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