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Blast Results

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    Putative conserved domains have been detected, click on the image below for detailed results.
                                                                       Score     E
    Sequences producing significant alignments:                       (Bits)  Value
    sp|P10978.1|POLX_TOBAC  RecName: Full=Retrovirus-related Pol p...  81.3    4e-15
    sp|P04146.3|COPIA_DROME  RecName: Full=Copia protein; AltName:...  60.1    8e-09
    sp|P25600.2|YCH4_YEAST  RecName: Full=Putative transposon Ty5-...  45.4    2e-04
    sp|P92519.1|M810_ARATH  RecName: Full=Uncharacterized mitochon...  45.1    2e-04
    sp|Q12269.3|YG12B_YEAST  RecName: Full=Transposon Ty1-GR2 Gag-...  35.4    0.23  Gene info
    sp|P0C2I9.1|YP12B_YEAST  RecName: Full=Transposon Ty1-PR1 Gag-...  35.4    0.24  Gene info
    sp|P0C2I6.1|YL13B_YEAST  RecName: Full=Transposon Ty1-LR3 Gag-...  35.0    0.24  Gene info
    sp|P47098.2|YJ11B_YEAST  RecName: Full=Transposon Ty1-JR1 Gag-...  35.0    0.30 
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