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Seq 206-16 detailed analysis

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    1. At first, use the predicted protein sequence from F:

    >FGENESH:  10   5 exon (s) 396506  - 399962   265 aa, chain -

    Get the following result using BLAST:

    seq 206-16 from Blastp of F.bmp

    seq 206-16 from blastp of F-2.bmp

    I guess this part belongs to the nodulin family protein which is assumed from the Arabidopsis thaliana.

    So, I did some contrasts. There are two regions in the nodulin family protein, nodulin-like region and Oxalate/Formate Antiporter region. According to the comparison result, we found that the sequence does not match to nodulin-like domain, but matches to Oxalate/Formate Antiporter domain.

    Using the original sequence to compare with Oxalate/Formate Antiporter domain, we got the following result. It still has only 180bp of the sequence that can match, so we do not need to do anymore.

    compare domain with original sequence(206-16).bmp

    At last, I guess it is a gene which contains the Oxalate/Formate Antiporter domain.


    2. the Sequence of G

    >Sun Nov 21 16:29:02 EST 2010_4|GeneMark.hmm|gene 4|98_aa

    It is only 98aa, but still get similar answers.


    3. use blastn compared with maize EST (expression confirmed)

    compare with maize EST.bmp

    There are distribution of 64 Blast Hits on the Query Sequence. And also have very good e-value.

    4. Further analysis by using Interproscan

    result for 206-16.bmp

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