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    RepeatMasker masked the sequence of a putative rust resistance gene.  The BLAST of the amino sequence revealed 144 hits.  However, the E value for to the rust resistance protein rp3-1 was only 8e-14.  The same E value was given for a B73 putative gag protein transposon.  The amino acid sequence of rp3-1 was submitted to I-TASSER to reveal the putative tertiary structure.  A total of five models were produced by I-TASSER with C-Scores ranging from -4.03 to -4.80 as shown below.  Each of the five models produce revealed six alpha helices.   

    rp3-1 C-Score Comparison

    Model C-Score
    rp3-1 Model 1 -4.03
    rp3-1 Model 2 -4.69
    rp3-1 Model 3 -4.11
    rp3-1 Model 4 -4.79
    rp3-1 Model 5 -4.80



    The putative tertiary structures were loaded into Pymol and edited to highlight the main structural components such as the alpha helices (teal).  Hydrogens were masked to produce a clearer image of the protein.  rp3-1 Model 1 is shown as Image 3.  Other putative models are located in Supplemental Data, Images 10 to 15.


    Image 3: rp3-1 Model 1

    rust protein model1.png


    Experimental data will be needed to confirm the identity, or lack thereof, of rp3-1 in Seq205.  


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