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Seq 203 Supplemental information

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    The blast result files are too big and all of them doesn't look necessary, the best few hits were posted here (blast result.rtf).  

    Blastn result against Zea may

    Gene prediction details by FGENESH

    Masked sequence203 by RepeatMasker

    RepeatMasker alignment details

    RepeatMasker summary

    blastp result (a.a. from sorghum

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    Files 14

    FileSizeDateAttached by 
    arabidopsis HSP protein sequecne
    747 bytes16:45, 10 Dec 2010hajActions
     blast result.rtf
    blast seq203 against genbank database
    9.19 kB18:33, 20 Sep 2010aiwataActions
    blast HSP in zea mays against flowering plants
    284.84 kB14:34, 10 Dec 2010aiwataActions
    No description
    7.87 kB12:46, 3 Oct 2010hajActions
     clustalW summary.txt
    No description
    868 bytes16:51, 10 Dec 2010hajActions
    No description
    4.97 kB16:51, 10 Dec 2010hajActions
    No description
    13.14 kB11:45, 4 Oct 2010hajActions
     rice blastp hypothetical.fasta
    rice HSP protein sequecne
    750 bytes16:45, 10 Dec 2010hajActions
    repeat sequence alignment
    1876.96 kB17:53, 23 Sep 2010hajActions
    masked sequence by Repeat Masker
    398.45 kB17:53, 23 Sep 2010hajActions
    details about repeats
    30.24 kB17:53, 23 Sep 2010hajActions
     Screen shot 2010-10-21 at 12.29.47 PM.png
    blastp result (a.a. from sorghum)
    280.2 kB12:30, 21 Oct 2010hajActions
     sorghum HSP.fasta
    sorghum HSP protein sequecne
    754 bytes16:45, 10 Dec 2010hajActions
    No description
    15.71 kB12:46, 3 Oct 2010hajActions
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