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BLASTx Results Against Different Plant Genomes

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    We show the  BlastX results of our entire sequence against nine plant genomes. For more detailed results click on the subtitles.

    • Zea mays
       BLASTX against the maize genome showed resemblence with several genes encoding maize proteins. One really promising region is located from position 90198 to 92894 (E=0.0) for a starch branching enzyme III.

    It also resembled several mobile elements.

    BLASTX against the rice genome revealed resemblence to a putative branching enzyme (90414- 92894, E=0.0).

    Also it showed resemblence to several mobile elements, e.g. a putative retrotransposon protein was found from positions 119482..120867 (E=2e-85), 126866..130099 (E=0.0), 144854..145390 (E=3e-18), 145940..147157 (E=4e-70), 147075..148506 (E=0.0), 148532..149257 (E=0.0), 149269..149904 (E=0.0).


    This BLASTX again showed resemblence to a starch branching enzyme III (E=0) from postions 90417 to 92894.

    Another interesting protein found was a putative aminoacid permease (E=4e-117) in positions 110556..111056, 111125..111544, 111636..111982. Probably it is going to be an actual gene in the sequence.

    Finally, a lot of mobile elements and proteins of mobile elements were listed in the results, e.g. an LTR retrotransposon (E=7e-23) and reverse trasncriptases.


    A hypothetical protein with an alpha amylase domain family was found (E=0) from position 90198 to 92894, which is exactly the same positions of the starch branch enzyme III found during the BLASTX against maize and it is similar to what was found in wheat.

    Also a putative GAG_POL precursor containing a reverse transcriptase was found from positions 127328..129772 (E=0.0), 147228..147899 (E=3e-101), 148532..1492451 (E=3e-101), 149269..149595 (E=3e-101), 147895..148506 (E=3e-101).


    Again an alpha amylase family protein was resembled (E=0) from position 90417 to 92894. This must be an actual gene. Curiously, an starch branching enzyme III was resembled in the same position (E=0), suggesting this enzyme belongs to the alpha amylase protein family.

    Also several retroelements were found.


    • Hordeum vulgare 
      • The sequence (91206 to 92879) resembled starch branching enzyme of Hordeum vulgare with e value 5e-131.


    • Secale cereale


      • The sequence (128864 to 149904) resembled putative poly protein of Secale cereale with e value 1e-134.

    • Setaria italica
    • Lolium perenne

    BLASTX  did not reveal any similar sequences against Setaria italica and Lolium perenne.

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