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Gene 4

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    FGeneSh predicted 13 exons on the forward strand spanning an 11kb region (101949 - 113682 in the 150kb segment, or 138901950 - 138913683 of the reference genome) while GeneMark predicted 5 exons spanning a 3.5kb region (109263 - 112756). Considering the EST evidence from MaizeGDB (image below) the region predicted by FGeneSh was broken down into two regions; Gene 4.1 from 101949 - 109262 and Gene 4.2 from 109263 - 112756 (positions in the 150kb region, add 138800001 to each for reference genome position). Gene 4.2 was predicted by GeneMark while 4.1 was not, which along with the EST evidence provides a distinction between the two regions.

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