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Gene 7-2

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    pseudogene related to protein phosphatase 2c.


    7-2 and 7-3 are predicted by Genemark, but not FGENESH.   There are matches to different parts of a protein phasphatase in a  BlastX search.  The EST search shows some matches in the region of bases 71000 - 71800 range, but these are all in the low 90% match range suggesting that they do not actually match to this gene model.  A gene model that covers most of the central portion of a protein phosphatase 2c can be constructed, but one must assume al tleast one missense seuence error and two frameshifts.  The expected amino and carboxyl-terminal regions of the phosphatase are missing.  This gene is likely to be a pseudogene, possibly inactivated by the insertion of a transposon just upstream (sequence of a gag polyprotein is seenaround base 69,000)

    Predicted Gene Models

    NP = Not predicted

    Gene Genemark Begin Genemark End FGENESH Begin FGENESH End Comments
    7-2 70370 70940 NP   probable pseudogene related to protein phosphatase 2C 48-like. Matches only cover residues ~115-175 of a typically 340 residue protein.
      70370 70429    
      70764 70940      
    7-3 72254 71365 NP  

    See 7-2

    Probable pseudogene related to protein phosphatase 2c, putative.  Matches cover residues ~230 - 270.  Almost certainly this is parth of the same gene as 7-2

      71005 71057      
      71233 71365      
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