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2012 Genomics - AGRY60000

    This is the wiki site for the Agry60000 2012 genomic annotation project.  

    Table of Contents


    • Wiki accounts were set up and mailed gribskov 17 Sep 2012
    • The assigned sequence for each group is attached to each group page
    • Please do not forget to add to the list of useful tools at the bottom of this page so that others can gain from your experience.  This is one of the most usefule aspects of Wikis. gribskov 19 October 2012


    • The following groups were chosen by randomly ordering the students and assigning to groups of three.
    • Each group number is a link to a page where you will report your results for analysis of your assigned sequence

    Annotation Groups

    Group Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
    0 Cliff Weil Michael Gribskov  
    1 Yanzhu Ji (ji20) Jenae Skelton (skelton) Tyler Tiede (tiede)
    2 Shuai Chen (chen905) Karthik Padmanabhan (kpadmana) Shaylyn Wiarda (swiarda)
    3 Anne Brown (brown637) Joshua Fitzgerald (fitzger0) Jieqing Ping (ping)
    4 Francy Avila-Arias (favilaar) Yi Cui (cui19) Hady Wahby (hwahby)
    5 Norman Best (nbbest) Christopher Dugard (cdugard) Yichun Qian (qian24)
    6 Jorge Diaz-Valderrama (jdiazval) Emma Lang (lang8) Bikash Shakya (bshakya)



    • Artemis - a fairly simple progream for displaying genes and annotations
    • GBrowse
    • Apollo

    Gene Modeling

    • FGeneSH
      Programs accessible at Softberry site are posted mainly for light-volume use by researchers from academic institutions. We consider light volume to be less than 15 executions per day per academic domain. Corporate users can occasionally access our data and execute our programs for evaluation/demonstration purposes ONLY. Massive copying of data from our site is not permitted for any kind of users. Violators of these rules may have access from their entire domains blocked.
      Entire domain means all of Purdue - do not go too crazy.
    • GeneMark

    Sequence Analysis

    Database Searching

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