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Network Evolution

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    July 15th 2009 - Prasad Siddavatam

    There is a lot of discussion about networks :: scale-free, small-world, power-law distributions and so on. Let's have a discussion on these general rules of networks and how they apply for biological networks. 

    Papers To Read (Required)


    Preferential Attachment in the Protein Network Evolution. Link.

    Emergence of scaling in Random Networks (gribskov 08 July 2009 suggestion)

    Preferential attachment in the evolution of metabolic networks. Link

    Further Reading

    Network Evolution of Body Plans. Link

    Analysis of feedback loops and robustness in network evolution based on Boolean models. Link

    The evolution of network topology by selective removal. Link

    Evolution of Complex Modular Biological Networks. Link


    Evolution of Networks: From Biological to Nets to the Internet and www. Link

    Authors: Sergey N. Dorogovtsev and J.F.F.Mendes 


    1. Will you discuss Barabasi's model for evolution of networks by preferential duplication/attachment?  Has it really been texted enough to be considered acceptale?
      gribskov 08 July 2009
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    Evolution of Networks
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    hi prasad, which ones should we read? all of them? I could not find that paper michael is talking regarding preferential duplication. Does he mean, network growth like that was mentioned in the Barabasi 1999 (Science) paper?
    Posted 17:54, 8 Jul 2009

    I will check with Michael tomorrow and let everybody know the list of papers to read. Yes, he is referring to Barabasi 1999 science paper.
    Posted 01:15, 9 Jul 2009
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