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2009 Summer Adv. Topics Seminar

    Advanced Topics in Computational & Systems Biology

    Currently meets 11:00-1:00 Lilly 2102, but investigating other possibilities

    Will meet in G-424 for July 15.  July 20 @11:00am G336.


    Presenter  Topic
    24 June
    Gribskov RNA Landscapes
    1 July
    Cellular Automata
    8 July
    Dynamic Modeling
    15 July
    Network Evolution
    20 July
    22 July
    29 July
    Bioimage Informatics
    5 August
    RNA: Static or Dynamic
    (12 August)
    Text and Data Mining


    Participants:  Aditi Gupta, Jim Hengenius, David La, Kejie Li, Prasad Siddavatam, Qiong Wu, Greg Ziegler, Reazur Rahman


    1. Each session will be two hours.  The first hour will be a presentation and the second a discussion of the talk.
    2. Each presentation should provide a survey of the topic, related the topic to important biological questions, and introduce research questions that are currently being addressed.  Your own ideas on what is important or interesting, whether or not someone is doing it, are highly valued. 
    3. You may not choose a topic that overlaps your personal research to the extent that you would have to do no work to make a presentation; a topic that significantly extends your personal research is acceptable.
    4. the presenter will post, no later than a week in advance, two to four papers that provide background/thinking material for the talk.  Failure to do so can affect your grade.  Review articles may me included but should not be onerously long, and must be accompanied by research article(s). 
    5. During the discussion, everyone will be expected to contribute by making insightful comments or asking intelligent questions.  Every attendee will be provided with two cards (or other marker) that they get to deposit for an acceptable question (the group will decide).  You must use at least your two required markers.
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