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    Genomics Wiki Help

    Feel free to add entries if you figure out how to do something.  Chances are someone else would like to know too.  See this page for quick help on editor functions.

    1. To sign your entry, type four tildes (~)
    2. To create a new page that is a subpage of the current one.
      • click on new page (+) in the gray menu bar, just below the black one at the top of the screen.
      • give the page a name (its not so easy to change the name so pick a good one).
      • enter whatever inital information you want on the page.
      • click save.
      • you may want to put a link on the parent page.
    3. To create a link (perhaps to the new page you just made)
      • edit a page (click the"edit page" ico nin the gray menu bar, just below the black one at the top of the screen).
      • type the text that you want to appear as the link, and select it.
      • click the link icon in the editor bar (the world with a chain on it).
      • use search or browse to find the page you want to link to.
      • click the update link" button.  the text you selected should now look like a link: blue type with an underline.
    4. To add a table of contents, include the text string.quote {{page.toc}}.  This will make a table of contents with links to, I think, all the H1 and H2 headings.
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