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2016 Biol19500H - Genomics of Human Disease

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    The Genomics of Human Disease Laboratory (GoHDL) is an introductory course designed to give well-prepared students hands-on experience with modern genomics.  In this course, we will use actual authentic research data, and students will have an opportunity to make novel discoveries.  The focus of the course is not on memorizing facts – we focus on learning to think like a scientist and on gaining a basic understanding of modern genome-based approaches to analyzing human disease.

    This course is open to students with no college-level biology experience, so there are no formal prerequisites.  We will assume that students either have some basic experience with molecular biology, for instance from high school or AP biology, or are willing to put in effort to learn some basic background.  References to online textbooks and other materials covering the necessary background will be provided for each laboratory session.

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