For now, one research paper and one review paper (highlighted) are required to read, all others are optional.

    If you want to know more basic background about this MS and MS based proteomics, you can read other review papers listed below.

    Mass Spectrum Analysis strategies:

    Pattern matching approach PDF

    • I will focus on this paper, other two papers are just optional

    Pre-defined database approach PDF

    • Consensus spectral library

    De novo identification of short sequence tags combined with a subsequent database search PDF

    • Sepctral Dictionary approach


    Analysis and validation of proteomic data generated by tandem mass spectrometry PDF

    • Typical approaches involve searches of an a priori–defined database, de novo identifications, and combinations of the two

    MS-based proteomics PDF

    • Good review about the MS-based proteomics

    ABCs of MS peptides sequencing PDF

    • How does peptides sequencing work? This paper would give you a very well review

    Getting Started in Computational MS-based proteomics PDF

    • Short review about current situation of MS-based proteomics


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