Required Reading:

    1. Dog Eat Dogma PDF_link

         -This is a very brief commentary

    2. A comprehensive comparison of comparative RNA structure prediction approaches PDF link(Read the first 4-5 pages)

    - I will give a brief overview of computational methods used to predict RNA structures.

    3. RNA Dynamics: it is about time PDF_link

    - Discussion about RNA conformational changes

    4. Dynamic Landscape of RNA Architecture PDF_link

    - Review article

    5. RNA Folding: Conformational Statistics, Folding Kinetics, and Ion ElectrostaticsPDF_link

        - Review article (read only if you have time)

    Optional Reading: (I will discuss some results from these papers)

    1. RNA Structure: Experimental Analyis LINK

    - Overview of the experimental procedures used to study RNA 

    2. Visualizing spatially correlated dynamics that directs RNA conformational transitions PDF link

    - A case study where NMR is used to study conformational changes in RNA

    3. Mg21-induced Variations in the Conformation and Dynamics of HIV-1 TAR RNA Probed Using NMR Residual Dipolar Couplings PDF_link

    4. Structural plasticity and Mg2+ binding properties of RNase P P4 from combined analysis of NMR residual dipolar couplings and motionally decoupled spin relaxation PDF_link

    - Another case study

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